Ryan is a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Ryan’s main areas of interest include: Leadership Assessment and Development, Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, Innovation, Teamwork, Training & Development, and Social & Emotional Skills.  He is a member of the Kravis Leadership Institute and works closely with his research advisor and director of the institute, professor Ron Riggo Ph.D.

Ryan has also worked with professor Paul J. Zak Ph.D. the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies investigating the neurological and biological underpinnings of human decision-making, trust, generosity, pro-social behavior, and oxytocin.

Born and raised in Colorado, Ryan Merlin has always found a profound enjoyment of nature. His driving curiosity and love for learning has helped propel his investigation and exploration into the reaches of human potential.

Ryan’s undergraduate studies at the Leeds School of Business at the University Of Colorado, Boulder focused on business marketing and real estate finance.  He initially began working in strategic marketing, branding, sales and business development for the leading commercial real estate brokerage house in Boulder Colorado.  While working with the owners of companies he had the fortune to develop some strong ties with very effective and influential leaders that changed his life trajectory.  These leaders became mentors and transformed Ryan’s interests away from strategic marketing to that of  effective leadership and organizational development.

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